Thursday, October 1, 2015

Refiners Fire

Well, here we are again, la verdad, I cant believe its already Monday.TIME IS GOING SO FAST! Chutica no se como es Pday otra vez.

This week we were able to go to the temple! Woohoo! We were able to do a session and it was just what I needed. The truth is things here in La Paz 2 havent gotten any easier. We are really sturggling finding people to teach but the work must go on! There have been many times this week were all I wanted to do was just give up. Sit down on the curb, and cry. But I look around and see alllllll these people that need this gospel and know that I must keep looking and searching! I know that there are people here who need us! They are just really good at hiding! haha This sector feels like my final trial, haha the refiners fire to finally polish me up before going home.

Thanks for the emails and pictures, My email will be a little shorter today and Im not sure if I will have time to respond to all of your emails because I had difficulties in opening my account and now I dont have very much time left (and I wanna send pics haha)

My companion is really great. She is obedient and works hard and tries her best everyday to contribute. Im pretty sure she thinks im super weird though haha she is a little on the serious side and as you guys know.... Im not very serious hahaha.. ut whatever, She loves me.

Today we are going to a mall outside of our sector to eat cheese cake. hahahahaha Dont judge, I will lose weight when I get home. DEJENME SER FELIZ! haha

I love the fact that I speak spanish, sabe? Its so much fun! 

Love you all! Pray for you too... Love,
Sister Miller

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