Monday, October 26, 2015


Well, haha I am now in my last transfer. I cant even believe it, its so strange to think that in such little time I will be heading home. I am the next group that leaves the mission.

This week has been... hmmmm... how do you say.. interesting? Haha all of the sicknesses that I COULDVE had during my mission decided to acumulate until the last couple months I think. Heat rash, infected in grown toenail, bug bites, stomache parasite you name it! (And people think sister missionaries are cute, HA) I am feeling lots better now haha but its been a little funny calling the nurses so much. Im sure they just love me.

As far as investigators we are still working hard to find people, but it will be alot easier this week because we are no longer in trio. Sister Rojas is gonna train so she went to Guayaquil to pick up her new companion and will be back on wednesday.

I miss the food from my last sector to tell ya the truth. Here they eat a LOT of mani (peanuts) and they put it on fish, in soups, in paste, haha you name it! But whatever, they still feed me a ton of rice so thats cool.

My companion (la chileana) teaches me lots of funny chilean words. And her accent is pretty silly sometimes. She is awesome.

This week I have been studying lots about the sons of mosiah! What have you been studying??

Love, Sister Miller

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