Thursday, October 8, 2015


Greetings earthlings!
ha ha, well... if you haven't noticed today is Tuesday! Yesterday was a leadership meeting literally all day so no P day for me.. but whatever ha ha I like the meetings. I'm a mission nerd ha-ha. and today I gave a training seminar on obedience and mission rules, ha ha it was epic but I was super nervous ha-ha
I loved conference! It was so cool to see the new apostles, we weren't able to bring anyone to conference though. We are passing through hard times here in the sector and we don't really have anything good going for us. But we are trying our hardest to keep a positive attitude.
HEY OH MY GOSH I ALMOST FORGOT! The weirdest thing has happened! The other day there we were when all of the sudden a 48 year old women went walking past us in the street BUTT NAKED! oh my gosh menos mal that we were sisters and not elders but I guess I had a horrific look on my face because my companion looked at me and said sister miller... are you okay??? Because she didn't see her at first. Hahahahahaha ew ew ew...... I need to be brain washed to get the picture out of my brain-
any whoo im now in trio... i don't have one companion I have TWO ha-ha Sister Rojas from Peru and Sister Espinoza from Chile still. So that's fun, we´ll see how this goes it should be interesting lol
I love you guys! Behave yourselves.
Love, Hna Miller.

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