Wednesday, November 5, 2014

That one time...

That awkward moment last P-day when you want to carve a pumpkin... but couldnt find any at your local ecuadorian market... so you carve a watermelon instead! haha I will be sure to send pictures, but yes... I carved a watermelon!

Sorry I am emailing a little later than usual... I was at la clinica... annnnnd yeah, so here is some news! I went to the eye doctor today! I have been having some hard times seeing stuff sometimes and my eyes have been bugging the crap at of me, like always red and achy and yeah. So I went to the clinic and he did a bunch of weird sight test thingys and told me I need glasses now. He said not to worry because I am at the age where peoples vision starts to change, and Ecuadors sun is really strong and it just happens... epecially to the gringas. So I have whats called an Astigmatism and Myopia... which is just fancy talk for I have a hard time seeing things the farther away they are from me. And the shape of my retna is a little off. He said there is slight damage effect showing because of the sun and dirt of ecuador. BUT he said the glasses will not only help with the myopia (the stuff thats far away) but it will block out UV rays, protect me from the dirt and wind... annnnd ya...

So I will now be Miss Hermana four eyes. I asked if I need to wear them just to read, or only sometimes or what... and he told me he highly recommends that I always wear them and when I get home I can switch to contacts. The only thing that really sucks is that the church doesnt pay for it.... soooo thats why I am telling you all the info.. and asking your opinions. The lenses for the frames cost 85$... and then the lenses cost either 45$ for plastic ones.. or 75$ for polycarbon which are more durable and dust scratch resistent, sooooo tell me what you want me to do. If I dont hear back from you in time I will just go for the cheaper ones. 

So ya that is new for me... haha and next pday I have to go again to a different kind of eye doctor... this one was for vision stuff.. the next one is to look more at my eyes and not the vision. BUT the church nursing pays for that stuff so dont worry.

I was joking with the other Hermanas now saying that I am getting fat, have horrible acne, and now I wear glasses too! Freaking trials of a sister missionary. hahaha But whatever.

Hey and last week I got my haircut! At first I hated it (like always) but now I actually really like it. I just wanted her to cut my bangs and trim the layers... buuuut I guesss I translated wrong and she gave me a new style! I have one of those V cut things.. ask jess about it. But ya everyone has them here. It looks better on latinas but Im actually liking it! I will be sure to send pics!

Hermana Zarate goes home in 2 weeks, its gonna be really weird! We think they are gonna close down sector 2 which means the other hermanas will get transfered out and it will just be me and my new companion living in our little house. Haha, and 3 new latina hermanas are coming this transfer so they will need 3 Americans to train. YIKES! haha We will see how this goes! I am nervous but I know that if God thinks I can to it, I can do it!

Everyday I have learned to find joy in the little things, there are so many BIG problems in the world, Its hard not to get caught up in it all.... but God gives us SO many tender mercies every day and we dont even realize it! Where have you seen Gods hand in your life today? 


-Hna Soon to be four eyes.

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