Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I am so very grateful this thanksgiving. Even though I am in a country muy muy lejos that doesnt even celebrate this holiday my heart is full :)

I know that I am doing things to change peoples lives, and for that... this Thanksgiving I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS GOSPEL. Its power and guidance really can change people. Ive seen it.. and I know it because its changed me aswell. :)

I am amsolutely loving my new sector and my new companion! She is just the cutest and we get along really well. I really feel like I am becoming the best missionary I can be! FINALLY language isnt something that I worry about completely. I mean im not fluent and there are A LOT of people that I dont understand but I am finally starting to feel a lot better. 

I totally was wrong about my sector.. for one.. its HUGE.. sooooooooooooooo big. Haha I come home everyday just absolutely exhausted. And to help its built on the side and top of tons of hills and mountain type stuff. We climb hundereds of stairs everyday... Im not even exaggerating. Haha and the slant is more crazy.. its difficult for buses and cars to make it up that hill, and so my little chicken legs are sore and tired haha luckily.. ive only fell once haha but I have no idea why.. I just live it it is so pretty. This sector is known for making buff calves hahaha I feel it already. The cool thing is I am losing weight again. So thats nice. 

And the poverty gap here is huge.. I will be teaching a lesson in a house that id describe more as a tree house hut thing with rats bigger than my hand... and then before I know it we will be sitting in a million dollar home with marble floors and swimming pool. Its opened my eyes really. I cant describe the feeling. All I know is that there are a lot of things in this world that we dont understand, its just what we do with these things that really matters. I have met little kids sitting on a cement floor playing with little plastic cups that were a lot happier than a little kid sitting in their house with an iphone. 

My house (apartment) is really really ghetto.. haha more ghetto than the last one.. but hey guess what! NO MORE WASHING BY HAND a member of the ward washes our clothes! We just pay him a little money and he does the rest! Yipee! haha but yeah, so that made me happy!and our shower is EVEN COLDER haha I dont know how but it is. And its not like a shower head water that sprinkles water on you.. its just this pipe that sticks out of the wall with a stream of cold water into the shower tub thing. haha ooooh yeahhh living the high life! haha Lets just say my shower time is really short. haha

I am happy, and healthy, and just loving my mission :) 
I love you all so very much! Eat lots of turkey for me!

-Hna Miller

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