Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Ver

Helllloooooo and HAPPY PDAY its about time! Haha this week was really slow. BUT with some cool expiriences.

This Friday a bunch of gringos from a volunteer group in Utah came and donated toys, clothes, reading glasses, and sunglasses at the church and my zone was incharge of helping out. It was pretty fun, and a really cool expirience to watch all the little kids get super excited over their toys! We were there from 9 until about 2 and when we were all done the lady incharge gave all the missionaries a pair of sunglasses, which was nice... but also kinda funny because we arent allowed to use sunglasses in the mission! 

This week is my last week with Hermana Zarate. She heads home to Guatemala this next week, so next Pday I will have a new companion! I am sad to see her leave but mostly because I am scared! haha new companion, and I will be leading the sector! Yikes! Also its super weird.. because I am just starting my mission and to see someone going home makes me a little jealous not gonna lie. But really I feel so blessed to be here. It continues to be the hardest thing Ive ever done.. but also the most satisfying :) and I already have 5 months! Solo me faltan 13 meses! Yo recuerdo cuando era 18! Haha 

I also saw Hernama Hobbs this week! We have intercabios (splits) and so I was with her, and her companion was with hermana Zarate. It was really fun to see her but also really hard because we have the same time in the field so our spanish was really funny. 

Also, keep an eye out on the mission blog for me, beacuse we had a zone conference and so Hna Dennis will be putting up pictures soon i´m sure. 

I love this work so much. Its actually funny because its the most frustrating, exhausting, stressfull thing... and I still love it!! I really can feel myself learning and growing everyday.

I go to the eye doctors today to order my glasses and he is gonna look at my eyeballs. Last week he looked at my vision.. and today he is gonna look at my eyeballs haha but dont worry cause the mission fund will cover it this time.

I cant believe it snowed there! Oh how I miss the snow. haha It is getting hotter and wetter everyday. More humidity, more degrees. Its funny because hermana Zarate was talking about how cold it is at her house. and she was all "one time... it was so cold... we could see our breath!" and everyone freaked out.. because the people here havent expirienced that. I just kinda chuckled to myself.. haha they dont even know!

I love you all! Have a good week! :)

Con cariƱo,

Hermana Miller
 couldnt find a pumpkin to carve for Halloween so I decided to try a watermelon!

 As I am completing my 5 month ...
Hermana Zarate will be ending her 18 month! Sad to see her go!

Well here is my new glasses!!!! 

 Another blister!!!!

this is the new hair cut! I went in for a trim and i guess thats not what i asked for!

Look a letter from Elder Decker!!!!

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