Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hee Hee...Oops!

Well- Haha..... This week was interesting. So my hair is getting so long to the point where I didnt even have bangs any more... annnnnnd I didnt wanna go to a hair salon. So what did I do?? I bought scissors for 40 cents (the kind that they use in elementary school) ... annnnnd I went in the bathroom before bed..... and I cut myself some new bangs! And what did I learn? Just because some one in your family is a hair stylist doesnt mean I was born with the same gift. Haha they are hideous! lop-sided! and just.. bad hahaha muy muuuuy mal. So after a good laugh I decided that I am going to a hair salon today to cut my hair and have them fixed in the first time in almost 8 or 9 months! haha

Wish me luck! and no I will not send you pictures of my ugly bangs- haha

This week, no one came to church and it was actually a little sad because tons of people told us they would and we woke up extra early to go and wake people up (hehe) but, God has His reasons I guess.

The family that we found told us en una manera muy directa that they didnt want to go to church again, that they dont wanna listen to our message and that they wont be coming back. It just broke my heart. I know that agency is part of Gods plan... but still it sucks sometimes. 

This week NO ONE WAS HOME haha school started last week so everyone is way busy we just walk and walk and walk from house to house to house and no one had time this week.

BUT when one door closes, another opens... and when THAT door closes.. God opens a window. We found a little old couple that are SO cute and just SO perfect.. and I know that they are gonna progress :) I can already see them in the temple!

I love you guys, hope you all had a good week! Stay safe!... and read your scriptures danggit! Lol

Love, Sister Miller

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