Wednesday, May 13, 2015

El Ultimo Skype!!!!!

Well, haha that was fun but went by so fast! I dont even feel like we skyped, it feels more like a dream or something, haha and its weird to think that the next time we talk it will be in person! 

This weekend was a little stressful haha we had a baptism and it was so great! His name is Jean Carlos and he is 19 years old and really cool. but everything else about this week was a little loco. We had acouple people progressing and everything just fell through and so now we are in zeros again. 

BUT THATS OKAY! because we've got big plans! haha my new companion is cool, she has only been a member for two years and her life before her baptism was pretty difficult and crazy. She is super nice and we get along great!

I am gonna try to finish writing letters today, I have Rias written... but the rest todavia no! haha

It was so hard to speak english with you guys! Im not even kidding! haha its so weird... I havent spoken english outloud in such a long time! lol I never believed the missinaries that came home and said that they "Forgot" english! But its so true now, haha english is hard! 

Hope all is well at home, it was great to see you guys! I cant believe how different things are! I have been gone for a loooooooooooooooong time! haha

Love ya,

until next week- Sister Miller

 Jean  Carlos!

 The husband in this family, worked 24 hours straight to get money for the flowers and the Book of Mormon cake for Hermana Miller and they traveled 2 hrs one way to be able to get the cake.! I am so grateful there are people who love this beautiful girl as much as I do

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