Thursday, June 4, 2015

One Year!!!!!

This week I have officially been a missionary for a year! WHAT?! Where did all the time go?? Its actually really super duper terrifying to think I will be going home in 6 months. I feel like everything that happened before my mission was just a dream.... and now its super bitter sweet. 

This week we went to Guayaquil to have a conference. It was weird being back in the city. I felt like a caveman that had been trapped in the ice for millions of years and then when everything unthaws I dont know what technology is ... haha or traffic! lol just kidding, its not THAT bad, but it was pretty weird.

We have found some really good people here in our sector so we have been working with them to see if anyone is going to progress. POR FIN WE HAD PEOPLE IN THE CHURCH! It made me SO happy.... our hard work is finally paying off! lol 

My companion is good, she talks quite a bit, and just about herself our her life and stuff like that.. it gets really boring but I try my hardest to pay attention to what she says, jaja but sometimes im just so sleepy! 

I am trying my best to make every day count... because I know that six months is just gonna fly by. I love you all so much! I pray for you all everyday!.... Are you doing your family home evenings??? haha dont make me come over there!

love, Sister Miller

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