Friday, June 19, 2015


Well, transfers came and went! I was sure I was gonna be transfered but (lucky me) I wasnt. Im still in Esperanza with Sister Velez. 

This week went by so fast, we went to guayaquil for two conferences (one with a couple of zones, and another just for Sisters) and we got to do a session in the temple! So we didnt have much time to work, but the conferences were really cool.

It looks like you guys are enjoying summer. It makes me laugh that you guys think you are having hot weather. USTEDES NO CONOCEN EL SOL! Haha, its still really hot here (surprise, I know) but im becoming a big baby, because if im in the shade for too long and there is a little breeze I get goosebumps. Needless to say when I come home I am going to die.

This week just flew by, I feel like I never have time for anything its always just go go go go! haha

The other day when we were at the beach it was super funny because we are so used to walking like "missionaries" or in other words, relly fast that we were trying to enjy a nice walk by the beach and we finished in like 2 seconds haha... oops!

All is well in ecuador, everyday we see miracles. Sometimes I forget that I live in ecuador. Until I walk into a house and there is a goat in the living room. Ive been away from home for so long that everything before just seems like a dream. Like I have been a missionary my whole life and that all the expiriences that I had before are just clips from a movie that I saw a really long time ago. Its a really weird feeling... haha I dont know how to explain it! 

I love you all so much.
You are real right? Not just a dream? haha

Love, Sister Miller

P.S...... I just really love rice.
I ate something really weird the other day... its called Bollo de pescado. LOOK IT UP






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