Monday, January 26, 2015


Lots of miracles this week! We had two baptisms this Saturday, Nora (The lady that sells beer) and Yessica (The lady with lots of little girls) and it was awesome! Tons of people came (and by tons I mean more than 5 haha) including our mission president! It was such a good expirience and was literal evidence for me that God exists!  Like the scriptures say he is the same yesterday today and forever. He still is a God of miracles!

Also! I went to the temple, and Betty (the lady who got baptised last week) came and was baptized for over 15 people, and she was also baptized for her grandmother! It was so cool to see the chain reaction of missionary work. This woman is amazing! 

When we invited Yessica to be baptized she wasnt really sure, she was super nervous. But that week she was reading in the book of mormon and she told us she prayed that God would give her an answer, and randomly opened the book. The first verse that she read was about baptism! She said she knew God had answered her prayers. 

Also, something SUPER funny. The other day we were walking in the street contacting people. When I saw a little old lady like SUPER DUPER old walking with her daughter. I looked at my companion and said "Hey Hermana... Im gonna baptize that old lady" and like 10 seconds later she walked up to us and said "Hi, Im julia...My daughter is a member of your church. I want to get batized." WHAT! I almost died it was sooooo weird! haha Turns out her husband died like a year ago and he was mormon and she said that she knows its true and wants to be with her husband forever! she is 88 years old! Just goes to show its never to late.

Yesterday walking home from church my companion was attacked by a mango tree. hahaha it was so funny... la la al al alaaaaaaa y BOOM mango se cayo del arbol! A mango fell rigt on her foot and like exploded everywhere.

Like you can tell this week has been crazy and these next couple weeks will be even crazier! We will see how it goes! Stay safe! Love you all!

Hna Miller

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