Thursday, January 8, 2015


Hello everyone!

Well, cambios came and went.. Im still here in Mapasingue with Hermana Cordova. Which isnt bad because I like my sector buuuut.... me and Hermana Cordova havent been getting along lately. Its really hard because when I wake up she is there... during the day... she is there... when I go home? Still there. Haha I miss living in a house with other Hermanas. Im never alone but sometimes it gets pretty lonely. One of the hardest things about a mission is working with other people. I love Hermana Cordova, but we just havent been getting along really well and its making things a little hard.

Other than that, I am no longer sick, so thats good! haha New years here is CRAZY haha we had to be in our house at 6 (normally we go home at 9) and we had to stay in the house allllllllllll day from six the 31st until the 2nd haha so that was boring. But we watched fireworks from the window and we watched them burn manegotes. Manegotes are these giant paper doll things that they make here that represent the old year. And at midnight they burn them! They stuff them full of fireworks and stuff. Its crazy! haha some are little, like one foot. But others are as big as an apartment building! I have a few pictures of some of the manegotes that we´ve seen. I will send them next week. 

I officially have 7 months in the mission! What what. Haha, Its so weird to think that I will come home THIS year! I mean its still 11 months but it is going by fast. 

and guess what! I am mad at all of you! WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME AVENGERS 2 IS COMING OUT IN MAY! hahahahahaha I almost died when I found out! but chuta. I guess thats one thing I am learning in the mission.... patience. haha 

Haha also, I have given up on trying to look nice. The only thing I do for makeup now is mascara because it is so freaking hot! I have never felt a sun so direct or air so humid haha people keep telling me it gets worse until about... hmm.... may or june. And pretty soon rainy season starts here, so that will be crazy. I am pretty sure my body has forgotten what its like to be cold lol. My tan lines are really funny though.

I am so grateful to be here, I learn something new everyday and I really know this is the Lords work. We dont have many people progressing right now. Its hard to get people to go to church. Sometimes my companion and I wanna kill eachother... but I love this work with all of my heart. I know I am here for a reason. 

Love you all!

Hermana Meeyer (thats how they say my name here) lol

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