Monday, January 26, 2015

La Gripe has returned!

Well, I have a cold again. So that sucks. My nose is stuffy and I have a cough but I am doing alright. The way I got it though will be a story I will tell all of my great grandchildren millions of times "There I was... walking climbing the hills and stairs of mapasingue in guayaquil Ecuador... preaching the gospel to the decendants of the lamanites when all of the sudden a huge rain cloud blew over and soaked us as we were contacting. The worse part? NO UMBRELLAS!" dun Dun DUNNNN! Haha Before this day I always thought that if we were soaking wet more people would let us in because they would feel bad. Haha.... lets just say I was wrong. Also... I always have an umbrella now.

The other day we were in a lesson teaching this lady in her tiny cement house with a little tin roof when all of the sudden it started getting really windy. The houses in this part of my sector dont normally have glass in the window, only curtains or shutters, so the whole house was howling with all the wind and then the light bulb burnt out haha so we just kept teaching like nothing happened because we didnt want the lady to feel bad about her little rinky dink house. but seriously I thought the wind was gonna take the roof off! haha It was awesome! but yeah it always is super windy like five minutes before the rain comes, so when there is a lot of wind me and my companion look at eachother like ... "oh crap" haha but its not a cold rain, its warm.. and the humidity after is horrible haha we dont walk through the air, you have to swim! lol just kidding but it is really humid.

Betty was baptised this past saturday :) and now this saturday Nora is gonna get baptised!! The woman that was selling beer! Seriously... I cant even begin to tell you her story. Lets just say miracles are real. I have seen the hand of God in her life. ANNNNND we have another baptism this Saaturday :) So one last week and two this week! I cant believe it! Her name is Yessica (but you say it like Jessica) and she has four little girls that are just so cute! haha I will be sure to take lots of pictures! 

I love you guys! have a good week!

Hna Miller

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