Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hello, haha well thanksgiving came and went. We did absolutely nothing haha this country is missing out on this whole thanksgiving thing let me tell ya!

Also, this week was the relief society christmas dinner, and we couldnt go. For two reasons, one, because it started too late. And two, Ive been sick. I have had to spend the last two days in the house. The story is actually pretty funny though. Saturday morning I woke up feeling naucious (i dont remember how to spell, haha CHUTA) I thought it was just a little bit of the gringa stomach haha... so I just brushed it off whatever. and we started working, climbing hills, stairs, teaching, everything full on. My companion at one point was like HERMANA SU CARA ES BIEN BLANCA... Y AHORA ES VERDE! So aparently my face was really white and green haha and anyways... we were waiting for a bus... and I totally hurled infront of over 60 people. Que verguenza. Not only do people stare at me because im a stupid gringa, but now they stare at me because Im the stupid gringa that threw up in the middle of the street. So we took a taxi home and a member stayed at our house while my companion went out with another member to teach. Lets just say my stomach NO ESTA FELIZ. I only threw up once, but thats not my only problem if ya know what I mean... ehem... haha....

But yeah, ive talked to the nurses so we´ll see what happens. 

Other than that GUESS WHAT WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEK. She is a 25 year old single mother and she has a sister on a mission. When her sister left, she started coming to church, so we went to her house and during the first lesson, I repeat FIRST lesson we invited her to baptism... her reaction left me speechless.. it must have looked so funny because when she said yes my companion and I just sat there... like... what?... really?? haha we asked her and she was like.. "hmm...um... yeah. Yes I wanna get baptized." Her baptism is this Saturday and she couldnt be more excited! so that just goes to show that the Lord really is preparing his children, we just have to find them!

Still not used to all the hills yet haha seriously... we are so sweaty all the time. But good news is Ive lost 5 pounds.

I love my companion, and we work really well together. It does get a little lonely sometimes living just the two of us. I miss Hermana Quist a lot. But she is the nurse that I call when we are sick. I called her and it was super funny because when she answered the phone the first thing she said was "Hermana Miller did you give yourself diareah just so you could talk to me?" hahaha I just love her.

Anyways, all is well for me here. Pray for my health! and I cant believe it but this week I will have been out 6 months! One year left! What??? time keeps going.

thanks for all that you do for me you guys! Love ya!

Hna Miller
Thanksgiving came and went... they are missing out on the whole turkey thing :)
 well i got half of your package Mom! we love the tree, we put sticky notes under it with things we are thankful for , they look like presents!
Herman Cordova got her presents Mom! Thanks!

This is Sister Saba Ramirez, she feeds us every Friday!
                                                  The whole city is covered in stairs and hills....Yikes!

(This must be a battle wound from all the stairs)

I Love Ecuador!

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