Monday, December 8, 2014

What the What!

Hey guys, guess what, IM BETTER. You know what that means mom... you can stop worrying! haha

But yeah this week was CRAZY our investigator Daniela was gonna get baptized this week until EVERYTHING went wrong. She hid from us all week, wouldnt answer our calls, nothing! We were freaking out! Until the day of her baptism she finally called us! I answered the phone and she said "Hermana.... I cant get baptized... Im just sad and so confused." and in my mind I was just thinking NOOOOOOOOOOOOO we cant lose her! So we were talking to her and asking why and it turns out someone in her family called her saying how bad of a decision it is, and that religion isnt a game she cant play with God and a BUNCH of stuff. So pretty much heart breaking, but I was just praying so hard, I didnt know what to say. So we just asked her. Like... daniela? Do you know this church is true? and she said.. yes. So we asked if she got baptised, and this family member still treated her like that would she still think its true? and she said yes! Long story short we talked to her for a long time at her house, and the zone leaders came with us.. and GUESS WHAT? Miracles happen! She was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday :) She told us she has never felt happier! 

This week is crazy, we dont get pday today, we only get to write and then we have to go out and work. Because the 10th we have a Christmas conference with ALLLL the missionaries in the mission (180ish I think) I am super excited but REALLY nervous because they asked me to sing! Me and another Elder are gonna sing acouple musical numbers... infront of almost 200 people! Yikes! 

AND GUESS WHAT ELSE! I get to go to the temple this week! Its our "Christmas Present" haha we get to go do a session this week in the morning.. I think the 13th? Haha not really sure yet but yeah.

Also... funny thing for the week... we invited a man named Charles to baptism and he accepted.. but gguess what.. He is a minister of over 13 churches! hahaha So we will see how that goes. We have another lesson with him today.

We have a lot of people to teach, but no one is really progressing.. we have to leave a lot of people and its really hard. But I am happy to know we are doing our part planting seeds! 

I love you all!

-Hermana Miller

                                                   Daniela was baptised She told us she has never felt happier! 


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