Monday, December 15, 2014

What a week!

This week was the CRAZIEST week of my entire mission! Full of really high ups and really low downs, and stories that I am going to tell my great grandchildren!

First of all, the Christmas conference... alllll of the missionaries in our mission came. The spirit was really strong as we all humbly celebrated this Christmas. The ward cooked for us (like mom is doing for the other missionaries in lakeville) and it was really sweet. They tryed really hard to make us feel at home. AND GUESS WHAT.... I sang a duet with My District leader (venid adoremos, y la primera navidad) INFRONT OF OVER 200 PEOPLE!!! Haha my poor little heart almost jumped out of my chest but the Mission presidents wife asked my to do it so I said "Yeah of course!" haha everyone really liked it (at least thats what they told me) 

Its really hard to be here away from you guys for christmas but comforting to know there are so many people here looking out for us.

ALSO, There was an earthquake! We were sitting inside a meeting on tuesday with my zone. When all the sudden the windows, benches, EVERYTHING started shaking like crazy! haha it was SO COOL. But apparently I freaked out a little because afterwards all the latinos (who are used to this kinda stuff) were like "uh... hermana miller... esta bien?" and were laughing at me because aparently during the earthquake I kept saying "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH"... haha stupid gringa.

But yeah, so thats cool. Also something that made me realy upset  is the fact that I was robbed twice this week. Tuesday, leaving our meeting we went in the metro... and in the metro you are shoved into people... like literally everyone in the bus is spooning haha and my bag got pushed behind me and while it was behind me some jerk stuck in his hands and took my money bag (25 dollars) and when we got off I looked and it was gone :( I was really sad... who robbs a missionary?? I at least hope they bought something cool with it. But ya.. and wednesday my companion lent me 10 dollars because I didnt have anything.. and GUESS WHAT. freaking metro... I have stories about this metro! MUCHAS CUENTAS! but yeah. robbed again. SO I bought a new bag that has a snap latch thingy. So HA take that robbers!

Also, the hard part this week.... Im no longer Senior Companion... my companion got called as Hermana lider.. so she is in charge of all the hnas in our zone. It was a big pride blow. Because I thought when our ZL called us in for a meeting that I was gonna be called, because I was senior companion and had more time and all of that.. buuuut ya. So she is incharge now.. and I have just had a hard time with that because I feel like the leaders think the only reason we are having success is because of her. Everyone is always saying stuff like wow.. you guys have the best sector in our zone.. I wish she was MY companion. and now that she is leader its like... What am I doing here? Am I not sacrificing everything to be here? Was I not good enough to lead?... I mean I know I have never been a naturally born leader... but I thought I was progressing, becoming the best that I can be, and now its like EH wrong, your companion that has only FOUR months is incharge of you. And now she is like a big balloon because allll of the attention is going to her head and she is correcting me on everything. Spanish AND teachings. akjsdfhiausdfhiasdhfasdh okay rant over. Dont worry about me, just throwing a pity party haha.  Time to put on my big girl underwear, or rub dirt in it or whatever those dumb sayings are. I guess I just have to learn something else..

Yesterday we had a fireside and a member of the seventy came. After he talked he said "Okay.. we are going to do some practices... you guys are gonna be the missionaries and you are going to invite me to baptism" so presidente Dennis called two zone leaders to the front (in front of 100 missionaries) to practice. It was awful he definately gave us a spanking... laying down the law! so obviously after that practice no one wanted to go up front.. pdt dennis called two more zone leaders and it went the same way. And afterward the member of the 70 said he wanted to practice with Hermanas.. and there I was,....avoiding all contact when president said "Hermana Miller.... Hermana Cordova... To the front please" I ALMOST DIED.... So basically I just looked like an idiot infront of my mission president, half of my mission, and an area 70 member. Thats cool... The lord is just trying to humble me this week. Thats all. 

Siiiigh.... haha oh the life. 

This sunday was really special. One of our mamitas invited the missionaries of our ward to dinner (she lives in a freaking mansion) but ya so it was really cool and really sweet because she told us that she wanted us to feel at home. The food was SO good! But of course there is always rice haha

I cant wait to see you guys next week! I will try not to freak out to bad when I see you guys ,) haha I love you so much and continue learning somthing new every single day.

I love you all!

Love, hna Miller 

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