Friday, August 7, 2015


So! Its official! I am a mom! hahaha
My new companions name is Sister Moya, she is from Arizona and her parents are from Mexico. So the good news? SHE ALREADY KNOWS SPANISH! haha I dont have to teach her spanish! haha she is my very first gringa companion. Its really weird speaking English to someone.
We couldnt be anymore different her and I, but for some reason she looks up to me. Haha! She likes to study korean, she has been a member her whole life, she loves dragon ball-Z, She has never lived a way from home. But she is super nice, and really wants to help. She is doing really good!
Trainging is such a weird expirience because it makes me think back to when I started the mission...more than a year ago! It really made me realize just how much I have changed. Im not even a shadow of the person I was. Or at least thats how I feel- The truth is.. when I started my mission I didnt think I could do it. I would look at the little time I had been there and alllllllllllll the time that I had left.. and I felt like giving up a lot. But now Im here. God does miracles through me everyday! Being a trainer helps me see all the stuff that has happened... and the way that God has molded ME and changed ME. In the scriptures when it talks about (i totally cant say it in english... haha but in spanish si!!) but it says something along the lines of how great would your joy be if you brought but one soul unto me. That soul was mine! And let me tell ya! The joy is great! and then it goes on to say and how great would your joy be if you bring more souls unto me?? Its a feeling I cant ever describe without getting all teary and mushy hahaha.... I love this gospel so much, and I know that this is Gods work!
The reason I couldnt write yesterday (and im writing right now) is because I was in a meeting for the leaders in the mission allllllllllllllll day long. We had to spend the night in guayaquil and everything. But it was a super cool expirience because I got to sleep in the portete house.. and just so if you dont remember Portete was my first sector here in the mission. When me and my companion got out of the taxi I was taking out my luggage when I heard a little voice say "Hermana Miller...?" I turned around and just started crying! haha (i know im a baby) But it was ALEXANDER!!!! my very first baptism! Hermana Lyda (his grandma that also got baptized with him) came out and hugged me! I couldnt believe that the still remembered me.. my name and everything! and recognized me too!
I love these people so much! They have changed my life forever.
I love you all and miss you so much! 
Saludos de ecuador!
Hna Miller 

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