Thursday, May 8, 2014

Loose Ends

Hola todos!

Just finishing things up here in Lakeville and time keeps flying by. I go through the temple in FIVE days, and I head off to the Mexico CCM (Spanish version of the MTC) in TWENTY-SIX days! What the what?? Where did all my time go?

I give my Farewell talk in my home ward on May 25th so feel free to contact me if you want an address to come and hear my talk (nothing too exciting I promise) and to say goodbye.

WANNA STAY UPDATED ABOUT ME IN ECUADOR? then look to the left of this blog post and enter your email into the section provided. All this does is send you my blog posts as my mother, Jennifer, posts my updates. However, if that doesn't sound very appealing my mom will be posting them on my/her Facebook pages as well.

Also, I am collecting peoples email addresses to take with me so I can stay in contact with friends and loved ones! So if you fall under that category please email me, message me, or get me your email address in whatever way you are comfortable with.

While I am away my mom is going to be the one in charge of my Facebook and Blog so any questions about me after June 4th should be directed to her.

My addresses for letters and packages will be kept in the "Contact me" tab at the top of this page.... and if you are even considering sending me mail.... I love you. Haha you are the best so don't hesitate! I LOVE getting mail, especially when I will be so far from home.

I love you all and am sure I will be posting more before I leave!

XOXO, Megan

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