Monday, May 12, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady

My sister Jessica has always been crazy in-love with animals. She always wanted to be a vet, to help with animals like horses, cats, dogs, you name it. Growing up we've had a variety of pets mostly cats and dogs, the usual, but no matter what point in our life we were at or where we lived we were surrounded by pets. Horses, sheep, cats, hermit crabs, turtles, fish, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, and about a bazillion different breeds of dogs.

Now that she is married and out living her own life she was able to buy a couple pets of her own. I wouldn't quite call her a "crazy cat lady" but we all know that's where she is headed, haha (love ya, Jess)

The other day I was over at her house with my fancy-pants camera waiting to go on a dinner-date with her, my brother-in-law, and my boyfriend so I was messing around and snapped a few pictures.

This little guy's name is Ace. He is cute, but annoying. Definitely a "little brother" type personality. He likes to paw at your toes and he loves his mommy Jessica :) He is fun to play with, and apparently loves to get his picture taken.

Meet Jynx (she is totally my favorite) she is a little on the chubby side, has a sassy-pants kind of attitude, and loves me :) She is always sleepy or lazy and loves to cuddle.

I'm definitely not a cat person, but I do like these cats. (Clarification, I don't want a cat and I don't really like cats, I just like when other people have them, haha)

So when Jessica is 95 years old she will be surrounded by 10.. 20... maybe 30 different cats. Me on the other hand will be the crazy dog-lady that lives next door.

We currently have two dogs at home. A boxer named Duke (who I've introduced before) and a miniature dachshund named Tootsie.

Duke is my brothers pup (not really a pup anymore) that thinks he is a human. He gets upset that he cant do human things and it is really funny to watch. He loves my little brother Garret and is just overall a doofus, a really really cute doofus.

Tootsie is my dog and is seriously the funniest thing ever. Not only is she a wiener dog (which makes her inherently funny) but she just acts so dumb all the time. She is definitely not the smartest crayon in the box but I love her!

Funny thing is her body shape is really convenient. For example, If I am wearing a hoodie with a kangaroo type pocket she will weasel her way in it and just sit there. Head poking out one end, behind poking out of the other. Gotta love her.

My family loves animals, we always have. We grew up around them and they've just stuck. I'm gonna miss them along with my family when I leave for Ecuador!

Have a nice night everyone, sorry for the random posting!

XOXO, Megan

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