Tuesday, January 28, 2014

50 "Fun Facts"

Hey Guys!

New year, new blog design, new posts... Why not a new introduction? 

I really would love to sit and type out full paragraphs on "What makes me, ME" and what really goes on inside the mind of Megan Miller but that is not what I will be doing tonight. Why? Two reasons... First, you probably have no interest in reading that and second, I have a date with a couple of fellas I like to call "Netflix" and "Couch." So sorry to those of you I disappoint but without any further explanation I present to you *drum roll please* fifty facts about me!

1. I am 18 years old (turning 19 this April)

2. I have officially started the mission paper's process! (For those of you that find this one confusing, I am planning on serving a mission for my church for a period of 18 months and have finally taken the first step in filling out the paper work)

3. I have been out of the country once. I took a spring break trip to Europe with one of my best friends Miss Karly for twelve days! We traveled England, France, and Italy.

4. It's my dream to someday visit every continent!

5. My favorite color is purple, if you couldn't tell.

6. My favorite T.V. show is Monk... thanks to my boyfriend Cameron and his family.

7. I have moved fourteen different times from places like Northern Minnesota to Las Vegas Nevada.

8. I have a Wiener Dog named Tootsie and she loves snuggling. 

9. My favorite animals are giraffes, turtles, and ducks. Haha kinda weird I know, but I love them!

10. I am the second oldest of five kids.

11. I am the only kid in my family with blonde hair, still not to sure how that happened. 

12. I graduated Lakeville South High school in June of 2013.

13. I am currently a student at Brigham Young University- Idaho, but am in the process of transferring over to Brigham Young University- Provo.

14. I LOVE anything Disney or Marvel related. 

15. I play guitar and violin.

16. I love doing creative/artistic things such as drawing, painting, crafting.....stuff like that.

17. I really enjoy taking pictures with my fancy pants Camera and do so quite a bit. Haha...

18. I am a nerd and have totally come to terms with it. I mean what 18 year old girls enjoys blogging and the Food Network?

19. Speaking of Food Network... Its my favorite channel to watch on T.V.

20. I have a huge fear of heights and also the dropping feeling you get on rides like "Tower of Terror" or "The Rocket."

21. I hate being alone, I don't know why but it drives me crazy. I'm like a sad little puppy dog.

22. When I am alone I do weird things like dance around the kitchen, sing super loud, etc.

23. I am known to talk in my sleep, quite often actually. I didn't know how frequent it was until one of my best  friends (and roommate) Emily pointed it out.

24. I have the sweetest, most attractive boyfriend on the entire planet. His name is Cameron and we met at E.F.Y. (church camp) over four years ago and have been dating for over three years. I've known him for a long time and he's been one of my best friends since.

25. I am majoring in Elementary Education.

26. I like listening to all kinds of music from artists such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Scotty McCreery, Pat Benatar, Imagine Dragons, Ron Pope,  and everything in between.

27. Actually I lied... There is a few genres of music I cant STAND. Rap, folk, and heavy metal... Sorry, I just cant do it. Haha

28. I don't wear glasses or contacts, and I never had braces. I'm one of the few but lucky I guess.

29. My favorite food is, oddly,  anything that has to do with potatoes. French fries, tater tots, baked potatoes, hash browns... I love it all.

30. I have one brother! His name is Garret and he is a goof-ball.

31. I also have three sisters. My older sister Jessica (She is a hairstylist and recently got married), Younger sister Mariah (who could totally beat me up if she wanted to), and my baby sister Savannah (she is probably the funniest and smartest 7 year old I know.)

32. When I grow up (whenever the heck that's gonna happen) I want to be a teacher for somewhere between 2nd- 4th Grade kids. It's my dream job!

33. I am a sleeper.....DEFINITELY not a morning person, haha.

34. I love popcorn, hot chocolate, starbursts, and.... well, who am I kidding there's not really many food items I don't like. 

35. I love trying new things! Weird foods, new hobbies you name it! 

36. I love making people laugh (whether its through my lame-jokes or funny faces I don't know.)

37.  Me and my sister Jess were always up to something growing up and always getting into trouble.

38. I'm not very shy and not very many things embarrass me. However, the few things that do REALLY turn my face red. 

39. I'm not allergic to anything as far as I know *Knocks on wood*

40. I love camping, four wheeling, fishing, horseback riding, archery and anything outdoors. I'm not afraid to get some dirt on me in the name of fun. 

41. I love baking! Making cakes is super fun and something I've always liked to do.

42. My favorite type of flowers are Lilies.

43. I believe in God.

44. I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints my whole life.

45. I despise math.. It's not that I'm bad at it it's just that I really really dislike doing it. 

46. I don't have to see someone everyday to consider them a best friend. Heck, I don't even need to talk to them very often because once I open up to someone I keep them in my heart forever. (cheesy but true)

47. I am AWFUL at ice skating, just ask Cameron.

48. I wouldn't consider myself girly (not many people would) but I do enjoy getting dolled up occasionally.

49. I love little kids, which is partly why I wanna be a teacher.

50. I have a big, loud, family and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Be aware though, you say something bad about my family... We are gonna have some issues, haha.

I'm impressed if you actually read through all fifty of those facts. If you did, you are the best. If not, don't worry I don't hate you, I just love you a little less..... ;)



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