Saturday, February 8, 2014

"If I could write a letter"

If I could write a letter
I'd know just where to send
I'd send it straight to heaven
where beginnings know no end

Where time and love are endless,
Where sin and shame are gone
Time, I've spent there once before-
bringing comfort with the dawn

The letter would be simple-
tho' I've so much to say
I'd thank my Lord and Savior,
for the price He had to pay

I have no way to thank thee,
for blessings big and small
I know I'm far from perfect,
but I know you can heal all

There are some who cannot see,
the love this gospel gives
So I must serve my Father
to show them that "Christ lives"

I know this is my purpose
I know God's on my side
I know I will face sorrow
I know I will face pride

This will be my letters end,
To God above I pray
for safety and for blessings
and to lead me on my way

Dear God above I love thee,
and am grateful for thy Son
I end this letter in His name
for my work has just begun

-Megan Miller, 2014

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