Friday, May 11, 2012


  • Swimsuit shopping
  • Dress shopping
  • Just plain shopping- Lets be honest...It's not that fun.
  • Commericals on the radio
  • Medicine- especially the grape kind
  • Doctors-.......Never.
  • School- Obvious
  • AP Human Geography
  • Health Class- No explanation needed.
  • Gym Class
  • Humidity- Big hair, not a fan.
  • Feet- Yuck.
  • Bikinnis- Also yuck.
  • Getting sand in the Swimsuit-..........O.o
  • Cats
  • Secondhand Smoke
  • Sunburns- This happens way too much
  • Misquitos
  • Alarm Clocks- Thank Seminary for this one
  • Getting my picture taken
  • Licorice- It tastes like chapstick
  • Logarithms
  • Quadratic formula- Easy but it takes too long.
  • Stress
  • Yelling
  • Headaches
  • Peas- Not now not ever, will I like those nasty things
  • DRAMA- Girls can be weird
  • Public Restrooms
  • Hair cuts
  • The "F" word- Fishsticks? Farts? Freckles? Haha...Just kidding.. You know what I meant.

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