Thursday, May 10, 2012

PROM 2012

Hello :)

So last saturday was probably the TOP high school expirience i've ever had, and the funny part is it wasn't even at my high school (Shhhhhh!) It was....... *drum roll* P-R-O-M!!!! And.. yes, I got asked, yes I had a hot date, yes we ate fancy food, AND yes.... I wore a fancy dress. It was amazing.

But before I get ahead of myself, first things first, how did I get asked you might say?? Well, by the one and only Cameron :) He's the best :) Acouple Saturdays ago I went over to his house to hang out but when I got there I could tell something was up... He gave me a bag and told me to find all the Easter eggs (It was before not quite that random) After I found them all I opened them up and there was a puzzle! (Which actually took me awhile to figure out... haha)

 BUT when I finally did it told me to go to his car, and in his car was a big cardboard sign that directed me to the firepit behind their house.....

 when I got there I found a note in an envelope with a blind fold! After I put the blindfold on he lead me to his deck :)

.....So I sat there for a little wondering what was going on (I'm a little oblivious, haha) when I finally could see again there was balloon letters hung up on the wall that said "PROM?" with balloons scattered all over the floor too. It was so cute :) haha .....BUT the one flaw in it is that we had so much fun popping the balloons that when we were done we realized we never took a picture... haha Whoops! :) So you dont get to see the final result, but I guess the important thing is that I said yes.

Then finally after weeks of waiting it was FINALLY prom day :) I got alllll ready and drove to his house where his mom took awesome pictures.

Man we sure are good lookin ;) hahaha, anyways after pictures we went to dinner at this craaaazy fancy restaurant!! It was like a movie!! It was nuts, we walk in and theres dim lights, candles at every table, and a guy in the middle playing piano!!! Plus the food was delicious which is good :) haha

After dinner we went to the dance and had a lots of fun....overall an amazing night :)


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