Monday, March 24, 2014

It's go time!

I'm going to the ECUADOR, GUAYAQUIL WEST MISSION, like what? I couldn't be more excited! its crunch time now though. I report in less than 72 days and have a huge list of things to do. I will never feel prepared but I might as well try, right?

I took Spanish in high school, but its also been a year since then, and even if it hadn't I cant really do more than say "Hi, my names Megan. I like dogs." (I'm exaggerating... but still. I'm freaking out!)

As scared as I am, I couldn't be more excited.  I know this is where the Lord needs me and I cant wait to serve the people of Ecuador for the next year and a half of my life.

-"Hermana" Miller

If you wanna watch me open my mission call, here is a little video that I made. Enjoy!

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