Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello :)

Hey guys! My oh my. I have so much going on right now this post could be one of the longest/stressful/confusing posts I ever write (Er...type?) BUT Guess what? I don't wanna do that haha so I'm going to be lazy and tell you about something completely different! So here it is........
I am one of the dorkiest (Is that a word?) people you will ever meet. Here's why.....
  1. I enjoy reading, haha like... a lot. I am currently reading a book about mummies. :)
  2. I love anything/everything Marvel. For Christmas I want all of the Marvel hero movies that lead up to The Avengers (Which by the way is now in my top 10 favorite movies of all time)
  3. This summer, me and my mom worked out together, and I actually liked it. Woohoo! Go moms! Haha
  4. I am a Disney movie junky. Hardcore.
  5. I have a blog..  that's at least 35 nerd points
  6. I like lists :) Don't believe me? Look at what I'm doing right now O.o
  7. For fun, me and my boyfriend Cameron quote Disney movies. 
  8. I like old things :) I don't know why.. I just find them interesting.
  9. When I was younger I collected rocks (Nerdy part is.. I still have them)
  10. I LOVE T-shirts. Haha I dress for comfort and occasionally dress it up a little bit (Which drives my sister Jess, the beautician, a bit bonkers every now and then i'm sure) 
I could keep going...but I am tired and have Seminary in the morning. So adios amigos! 
 P.s. Remember this guy???
He's gotten so big! I love ya Duke but you sure are a pain sometimes. Good thing he's cute!

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