Sunday, January 20, 2013

My (late) Welcome to 2013!

Hey guys I know it's already the 20th but I've crazy stressed with finals and haven't really been able to blog.

I can't believe that it is already 2013. So many great things are going to happen this year. Here is just a few.......
1) I'm going to Europe with one of my best friends.
2) I'm graduating!
3) I'm going to college!

...all three of these are exciting, yet scary, to think about!

As for "welcoming" the new year I thought I'd come up with some New Years resolutions.
1) Finish reading the Book of Mormon
2) Finish personal progress
3) Continue blogging (Sunday FB blog and this one)
4) Get in shape (Generic I know... Haha but seriously)
5) Be more positive toward myself and my talents
6) work on some personal habits (not elaborating due to being personal)

I know resolutions don't always work but I'm going to try! I'll keep you posted on my progress but we'll see how it all goes!


Pictures from New Years Eve dance

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