Sunday, December 9, 2012

One sheep... Two sheep..... Three sheep....

I. Can't. Relax.
I've spent all day in the car and I just cannot shut my brain off.... So don't mind me while I spill all the contents of my brain in order to catch some shut eye.

I hate school (Ha! You guys haven't heard that from me before- psh!) but really... I ain't in need of no educasion. I speak good! ....... FYI... I'm totally kidding. Haha I know how to spell education ;) and in all honesty I love learning! Don't believe me? Ask my family! I know a whole crap-ton of random facts like, it takes giraffes approximately a half hour to throw up haha, and I enjoy learning new things! It's just ...well.... I'm stubborn! And ready to be in college! (Not ready to leave family) but I feel like I should have graduated last year with my sister. that that rant is over... Haha :)

I am so ready for Christmas :)
I love the lights, the snow, the traditions, the food, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ! So what a perfect holiday!

Speaking of traditions my family does this thing where we put everyone's name in a bowl and each pick one out, whoever we draw out is the person we buy a gift for. This year I got my baby sister Savannah (not really a baby any more but she will forever have that title) and funny thing is she got me too! This weekend we were walking around some shops in Duluth and she would secretly (but very obviously) follow me around and every time I would stop and look at something or pick something up and then put it back and move on she'd "go in for the kill." She would walk over pick it up and ask mom if she could buy it- she is so cute :) (I'll probably put a pic of her in later)

I've yet to find her something. But all is well. :)

Better get to bed now. Once again sorry for the random/ boring post. I'll get better! Goodnight!

3 & 1/2 months until Europe :)

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